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Post-Partum Diet | Diet after Child Birth

Here are some recipes that are apt during the postpartum period.Postpartum period is time following the delivery of the baby. Some recipes are designed specially for this period while others can be adapted to suit this time.

This is based on the dietary guidelines that I followed after the birth of my kids as advised by my mom and grandmom. Each family / culture have different dietary guideline.  And hence the recipes will vary accordingly.

These days the Gynacologist suggests that the new mom eat anything that she likes,i.e, she can follow a regular / normal diet..

Traditionally, certain foods were avoided. Root vegetables, Jackfuit, mangoes, and foods that produce flatulence/ gas are better avoided.Heat producing foods are also avoided.When these foods pass on to the baby through the breast milk, the kid might get affected with tummy ache.

Similarly, spicy and greasy foods can be avoided as they are a bit difficult to digest.Some families avoid giving green leafy vegetables to the new mother.

Steamed foods and those that are cooked in minmal oil are better suited during the first few days after childbirth.

Also veggies like snake gourd,Chow,chow and other vegetables and fruits that grow on climbers / having higher water content are good for health.

Too much of anything is not good and hence moderation is the key word here...

Before going on to the recipes , a small recap of the articles....

And now to the recipes...

The following dishes can be added to the regular meal to make the diet more healthy ,nutritious and also to add variety. If you have specific health problems consult your Physician / Dietitian before including these in your diet.

  • Sonti - Bella - Ginger digestive - To be taken in small quantity
Hot Beverages

Moong-milk drink - Can be had in between the meal times.
Sukku Kapi -Dry ginger drink - Stimulates appetite

Spice Mixes that are to be had with steamed rice at the start of the meal[lunch]
Soups / Rasam /Stews
Smoothies / Juices

The following recipes can be slightly modified or used as such depending on the post partum period...

Healthy Living....

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