Friday, September 7, 2012

Weaning Foods

Breastmilk is recommended as the sole food for infants upto the age of 6 months. After that other food stuffs are slowly introduced into the diet and this process is called weaning.

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Here is a list of weaning foods that may be given to infants.Before giving any new food for the baby,consult your baby's pediatrician and proceed.

 Note : 

This is not a medical advice. These are some of the foods that I used to wean my kids. Please consult your health care provider to check if they are suitable for your infants / toddlers.

 5 to 6 months

Ragi Porridge 

Fruit purees[Banana,papaya,mango,apricot,figs] Sapota with milk

Apple stew

Carrot- Dal Mash

Carrot - Dates Juice

Soups[carrot,beetroot,bottlegourd,potato,mixed veggies]

Carrot- Beetroot Soup

Moong Dhal Kichidi

Idli mash
Rice mash
Moong dhal water
Masoor dhal water
Barley water
Fruit juices[Papaya,musk melon,sapota]
Dhal mash  & Dhal mash with vegetables

 7-9 months 

Milkshakes[sapota, banana, strawberry]
Apple porridge
Spinach puree
Mashed curd rice
Vegetable kitchidi
Chickpea spinach mash

 10-12 months 

Rotis /chapathi plain or with veggies
Mildly flavoured veggie pulao
Vegetable idlis
Fruit custard

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